Experience the Non-Surgical Regenerative Medicine Treatments of QC Kinetix (Rogue Valley) that Offer Alternatives to Surgical Intervention

Central Point, OR – Compared to regenerative medicine, current medical practices/treatments shut down or suppress the immune system making patients susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections. Regenerative medicine reinforces the body’s restoration abilities and improves immune surveillance by retraining the system to eliminate joint pain and prevent future re-injury incidents. QC Kinetix (Rogue Valley) is at the forefront of the regenerative medicine movement, offering several natural treatment options for patients looking for surgical or medication alternatives. Medical providers take proactive steps in targeting therapies to injured areas to encourage the body to regenerate damaged tissues.

Unfortunately, injuries, sprains, fractures, contusions, and soreness are unavoidable in sports. While some injuries affect gym, field, stage, or work performance, others impede an athlete’s daily life and impact their careers negatively. Sports injury treatment requires multi-faceted approaches from several disciplines, and the regenerative medicine clinic implements various protocols that offer symptomatic relief while supporting the body’s internal systems. Unlike invasive surgeries, patients don’t need lengthy recovery periods, additional medical care, or addictive pain medication.

Regenerative medicine relieves pain from tendon/ligament tears, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, a torn Achilles tendon, joint pain, a torn rotator cuff, and a torn meniscus/ACL. Protocols at QC Kinetix (Rogue Valley) work best as part of a recovery routine that includes physical therapy, rest, and bracing. When providers combine traditional sports treatments with alternative therapies, patients enjoy strengthened existing cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Alongside acute sports-related injuries, the Pain control clinic intervenes when traditional orthopedics fail to treat musculoskeletal pain caused by repetitive/jerking movements, falls/sprains, poor body mechanics, recent/former accidents, or muscle overuse.

Chronic arthritis patients discover that despite physical therapy or medication, their condition worsens over time, resulting in a reduced range of motion and increased inflammation from irritated and worn-down joint tissues. However, regenerative medicine eliminates the need for joint replacement surgery in the knees, legs, hips, shoulders, elbows, ankles, wrists, fingers, and toes. Even though the provider has seen patients with long-standing relief after their initial injection or treatment series, results vary from patient to patient depending on their activity levels, ages, and lifestyle choices.

QC Kinetix (Rogue Valley) uses Class IV laser therapy as an adjuvant to regenerative medicine Central Point. When used alone, it offers temporary relief, but combining supplements, hydration/lubrication compounds, and natural components improves the tissue environment and delivers oxygen to the injury area for restoration. Additionally, the providers educate and empower patients about their conditions, treatment options, appropriate regenerative therapies, and at-home care after diagnosing the root cause of an injury, pain, or degenerative disease.

“Our goal is to get you back to enjoying life in ways you currently cannot. Our patient experience is unparalleled in the medical field, as we provide a concierge level of service throughout your entire clinical experience.” – Company Representative.

To learn more about regenerative medicine or request a consultation, visit their website or call (541) 262-4830. QC Kinetix (Rogue Valley) is located at 1333 Plaza Blvd, Suite A, Central Point, OR, 97502, US.

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