South Loop IL NAD+ Infusions For Depression, Anxiety & PTSD: Services Updated

The updated treatments are designed to improve the quality of life of every client while resolving treatment-resistant ailments. In addition to being clinically tested treatment options for depression and PTSD, the center’s therapies can also be used for chronic pain, migraine, and other conditions.

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Several studies show that most mental illnesses are the result of a brain chemical imbalance. Building off on this theory, clinical interventions for mental health conditions are focused on rebalancing the brain and fueling the mitochondria, considered the “powerhouse of the cell”.

IV Solution and Ketamine Centers of Chicago explains that its updated treatments work by rebalancing the mitochondria so that it receives energy through natural coenzymes, such as NAD, instead of external substances. It explains that NAD levels may decrease due to age or unhealthy habits. This creates an instinctive survival response to find other ways to increase NAD levels, even if it comes from harmful substances.

NAD+ infusion treatments are particularly recommended for mental health ailments, such as treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

IV Solution and Ketamine Centers of Chicago works with every client to deliver highly personalized treatment plans. During the first consultation, clients will undergo a thorough medical examination to determine their current health and what should be done to improve their well-being. Depending on their specific complaint, the center may recommend other vitamins, minerals, or amino acids to be included in their NAD infusion.

IV ketamine therapies may also be used for other conditions, including chronic pain and fibromyalgia. These treatments are likewise helpful for better concentration, memory, and mental clarity.

The group is a member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians.

A spokesperson for the group wrote, “Our team brings this proven therapy to patients in a safe and comfortable outpatient setting, providing ketamine infusion therapy services using effective protocols in accordance with the highest industry standards. Our team is committed to providing the best patient outcomes to improve quality of life and well-being.”

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