To Offer Myriad Surprises And Benefits During Wet Season Festival To The Mining Industry

Bitcoin welcomes continuing boom

Bitcoin’s popularity and value have been going up strongly in the recent months. Bitcoin’s value has more than doubled already in 2021, and has soared to a record height of nearly US$ 65,000 (about RMB 423,900) per coin. In keeping with the market trends, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, went public on Wednesday. Almost at the same time, payment giants PayPal and WeWork stated that they support bitcoin payments. During the same period last year, the price of Bitcoin was just US$ 6843.3 (about RMB 44,600), up by 850%. In the near future, Bitcoin will be recognized and used by more platforms and institutions.

What is the significance of the abundant water period for the miners?

As Bitcoin has become recognized far and wide, mining has formed a huge industrial chain. As we all know, Bitcoin mining costs are generally divided into two parts – with one part being the cost of mining machine. The mining machine purchase is a kind of sunken cost. Over time, the cost apportioned each day becomes smaller, the limit is that the mining machine cost can be close to zero and can be ignored. The other part is electricity charge, and electricity charge changes with abundant water period, normal water period and dry water period, which is not constant. As the cost of electricity fell to a minimum during the abundant water period (around RMB 0.23), compared with RMB 0.4 in other periods, electricity charges during the abundant water period were 42.5% cheaper, equivalent to a 5.75% discount. Therefore, the success of grasping the abundant water period directly relates to the miner’s overall income of a year and survival problems. The importance of abundant water period for miners is self-evident. Mining during abundant water period is the opportunity that miners must seize for grasping the bull market.

BTC mining pool escorts for abundant water miners

After five years of development, has become the world’s leading multi-currency comprehensive service mining pool since the first block was excavated in 2016. As one of the most well-known, largest and customer-oriented mining pools in the industry, has consistently safeguarded the interests of the miners with constant product optimization and professional transparency. assures three things, namely:

1. Continuous optimization of mining pool service – convenient management

2. The most realistic and transparent mining data – guaranteed returns

3. Stable and innovative team – technology support provides an output with stable hashrate and data service against multiple adverse factors of Black Swan Incident and mining halving in 2020, with a total of 6,558 blasting blocks throughout the year, earning US$ 197 million for miners, accounting for 12.36% of the total annual average, ranking firmly in the top three of the whole network.

During the 2021 bull market abundant water period, will continue to serve as an abundant escort to launch multi-super benefits. Activities are designed aiming at miners of abundant water period, and the surprises and discounts cover all miners.

Surprise 1. Exclusive 5A abundant water custody mine miners during the Wet Season Festival will receive exclusive cooperative hydropower mine custody positions provided by to help them get the cheapest electricity price during abundant water period.

Surprise 2. Summer tour in Yunnan – rejuvenate your body and mind

During Wet Season Festival, all newly-added hashrate users will have the opportunity to take part in the’s summer tour in Yunnan to rejuvenate their body and mind.

Surprise 3. Mining to share ETH

All first-quarter miners, as long as their hashrate reaches the requirement and they completed sub-account binding based on the activity requirements, they will receive ETH awards in proportion.

Surprise 4. × Matrixport super joint name VIP

The industry’s top brands and Matrixport jointly created the industry’s first cross-disciplinary membership service. Users not only can receive exquisite honor medal, but also can enjoy the super-luxury service of all products of the two brands, and if the qualifications are met, the service can be extended for life. For more information, users can refer to the official website bulletin.

Joint efforts made by multi-enterprises to build a better future

The abundant water period is the unique characteristic of mining industry. The abundant water in successive years not only brings the cheap power cost, but also increases the hashrate with the expansion of the starting range. This is a cycle full of hashrate, currency price and the game variable of income. is committed to holding on to the miners’ interests. With professional and transparent business philosophy, is constantly optimizing products, constantly launching effective new products, and constantly promoting professional services in the blockchain browser. It also coincided with the annual abundant water period, which became the most critical output cycle for the entire mining industry. BTC mining pool will cooperate with more excellent B-side mining partners to provide all-ecological and customized value-added services to create more value for customers, and work together to promote the mining industry’s ecological vitality to the next level, so that more users can profit from it.

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