Metaverse Doge –Creatively designed coin

Metaverse Doge is a multi-chain (BSC and ETH) project, with a strong development team behind it who aim to take the market by storm. Our innovative design will ensure liquidity through BTC, ETH, BNB and USDT etc staking and coin pricing is protected by smart contract controlled buybacks.   

Metarvese Doge has three major draw-ins for potential investors:

1. Multi-chain ecology

Currently, we are developing in both BSC chain and ETH, we choose to be on BSC chain because it has a lower gas fee, and on Eth chain because it has more user traffic, for which it will bring us more users. Of course, we have already put the development of other chains on the agenda.

2. Multi-token liquidity

Users can add liquidity by pledging Btc, Eth and BNB to get MDoge. MDoge has a big pattern and is committed to become one of the mainstream digital currencies in the blockchain world in the future, for this reason we have introduced users who hold mainstream currencies such as btc, Ether, etc. We believe that their addition will have a good boost to the price of MDoge.

3. Buy-back

We have developed a smart contract and named it Metaverse. 2% of each transaction fee will go to Metaverse, and through Metaverse to buy back MDoge and destroy it. This ensures that during the market decline, we still have strong buying, and on the way up, Metaverse can push MDoge price even higher. Imagine when Metaverse reaches 100 million BNB, what price will MDoge will be.

10% of the tokens will be donated to Elon musk for his “rocket launching” projects, for which we are actively contacting his assistant. MDoge team share many of the same hobbies with Elon Musk, such as, Doge and outer space exploration. So MDoge would like to send one or even many real rockets to Elon musk to help his humans landing mission on Mars and colonizing outer space. Small leeks must also have big dreams, what if they come true?

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