Ninja Raiders League Draws Closer To Completion

N.Fans’ first and upcoming game, currently titled ‘Ninja Raiders League’, nears its completion as it undergoes a second round of beta testing. The game was announced in mid-to-late September and has since then seen two separate closed-beta sessions with over 1,300 combined participants.

The second one, which started on October the 10th, was planned to test the rigidity of all the feedback gathered and implemented after the first beta round. With over a thousand feedback forms filled, the N.Fans development team ensured sufficient amounts of decentralization and quality control by listening to the masses and applying their suggestions to the up and coming video game.

 The User-Interface 

Oftentimes, nothing beats simplicity, and that is the case with the UI present in Ninja Raiders League. With a clean, easy-to-use interface that can be understood and accustomed to in mere minutes; the game not only appeals to a wide audience, but is also accessible in terms of utility.

The left side of the screen is centered around the monetary aspect of the game, featuring an in-game balance, a deposit/withdraw button, and a bet adjustor to increase or decrease the stakes involved.

The center is where most of the action is at, as it displays the slot machine just above the bet-win tab, which displays the amounts bet and won for each individual round.

Alongside that tab are the lock, roll and auto-roll buttons; and lastly, up above are the help and settings buttons with which players can access a wealth of game-related info, as well as the in-game options such as the music and sound sliders.


Like any other slot machine, when certain patterns are met, the player wins rewards based on the difficulty of said pattern – which is mostly based on the symbols involved. In total, there are 25 patterns that can trigger a win.

Higher-difficulty spins are accompanied with varying animations that reflect on the magnitude of the rewards, giving the user a sense of scale while simultaneously celebrating with the results.

Patterns are also continuously highlighted afterwards to ease the learning process, and do not stop until the player performs the next spin.


A bonus game can be triggered when 3 bonus icons appear in the first, middle and final columns, which causes the game to enter into a free spin mode. Naruto and Sasuke also have individual energy bars which get filled every time their respective icons are revolved, triggering different Ninjutsu events.

NFTs are an integral part of Ninja Raiders League, and serve as an entry point for N.Fans’ other game where they can be used as battling cards, or be synthesized to create higher-level and consequently more powerful cards.

In the event of a match, the resulting NFT card is based on the level of the underlying bet; meaning the higher the bet, the higher the star level of the drop. The bet amount also determines the amount of cards dropped, dropping 3 at most for single-star NFTs.

 Coming Soon 

The game is set to be released after the second closed-beta is successfully concluded, after which N.Fans’ second game, currently titled ‘Ninja Path’, is set to follow.

Ninja Raiders League is not only the first official Naruto NFT game, but also a demonstration of N.Fans’ interconnected ecosystems at play; NFT card drops from one game can be utilized in another, a stepping stone for N.Fans’ ever-growing Metaverse, and a sneak peak at what future titles can accomplish.

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