TREX: Blow the Horn of the Area of Financial Revolution

The global finance is developing rapidly, and the digital asset transaction has entered the public’s vision with a self-confident posture. Nowadays, blockchain technology has been recognized by the common people, and has been successfully implemented and applied in various industries, and its value also has been recognized by people more and more. The financial investment and monetary attribute also break away from the traditional definitions while the era horn is being blown by the progress of digital asset. Consider the situation and carry out development following the trend. It is undeniable that the blockchain technology will be an irreversible trend in the future development.

As a revolutionary technology, blockchain is promoting the digital revolution of the global traditional financial market as a torchbearer. In the foreseeable future, the secondary market of digital currency will possess a huge growth space and can formulate a mutually reinforcing complexion with high-quality exchanges. Nevertheless, under the influence of centralized system, those traditional asset exchanges still have many technical hidden dangers and market pain points that are difficult to overcome. For this purpose, with the vigorous development of blockchain technology, it is urgent to establish a professional, safe, stable and reliable decentralized digital asset exchange.

In order to respond the call of the area of global financial revolution, TREX came into being.

TREX is an innovative transaction platform based on the application of blockchain technology. Break away from the four problems of OTC derivatives market through utilizing the distributed consensus algorithm and matching engine and smart contract technology at the core of the blockchain, including lack of trust, low efficiency, single product and limited liquidity. Build a transparent, credible, autonomous and expandable global transaction ecological platform with all the strength while guiding the healthy development of the digital money market. Meanwhile, TREX possesses a strong and professional team as its technical support, which can quickly and stably handle high concurrent transactions, improve the efficiency and fault tolerance of the system from the aspect of technical, and can fully support users’ fund security.

If the technology is regarded as the first element to test the exchange, then more factors are needed to support it to become a reliable exchange. Although there are now tens of thousands of exchanges, no matter how the exchanges develop, the implementation of “user experience” is always the major strategy to really attract users. While satisfying the development demands of investors and the platform itself, TREX will make its own contribution to promote the reform and development of the global digital asset industry.

Make a general survey on the current situation of global exchanges, we can find that a series of existing disadvantages have seriously affected the healthy development of digital money market, such as the overmuch exchanges, poor transaction experience, too-shallow transaction depth, single transaction mode, high threshold of currency on top exchanges, and high security risks of small and medium-sized exchanges.

TREX will adhere to the concept of “provide a safe, efficient and trustworthy transaction platform for investors”. TREX will engage in resolving the difficult situation commonly faced by digital asset exchanges, building an international advanced digital asset transaction platform, providing professional and high-quality services for global blockchain projects and users, which can make each participant obtain generous returns, and contribute to the prosperity and development of TREX digital ecology at the same time.

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